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Direct Mail + DreamType =

DreamType turns direct mail into a unique, powerful experience for each recipient. Direct mail success stems from good data, flawless execution, and engaging design. DreamType amplifies these critical investments by taking your creative to another level. DreamType images in direct mail campaigns have consistently been shown to double response rates over plain-text personalizaton. In some cases, conversion rates have been increased up to 3000%.

Powerful simplicity

DreamType is a value-added service that can be deployed almost instantly. There is up-front investment in software, hardware, talent, or training. DreamType integrates effortlessly into existing design and variable data print production workflows. Take your best designs and direct marketing strategies and get them to market today.

Just add DreamType

Any VDP platform that supports image replacement is instantly compatible with DreamType. Whether you are mailing to a list of 1,000 or 1,000,000, our team can work with you to provide the simplest, most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Getting started with DreamType is easy. We have dozens of stock themes that can be configured to work seamlessly within your existing design templates. For custom themes, your creative team simply submits an Adobe Photoshop file, which is converted into a working DreamType theme. Once the theme has been created, we provide your team with a proof kit to test on your press. Upon approval, your Dreamtype project will be ready for download within 24 hours.

See what our happy clients have to say

“This campaign really caught our members’ attention! We really look forward to doing this again.”

- Director,
Member Services AAP

“Personalizing images with DreamType doubled the response rates on our campaign.”

- COO,
Maredy Fundraising

“Using DreamType alone had drastic effect on increasing conversion rates for our campaign.”

- Director,
Digital Logic Australia