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Email + DreamType =

DreamType is a new and highly compelling solution for personalizing images within email marketing messages. DreamType helps establish an emotional connection with each recipient, and has been proven to drastically increase click-through rates. Whether you are using email to broadcast a targeted newsletter, or send out timely offers to your best customers, DreamType is uniquely capable of making your messages stick. Our clients have used DreamType sucessfully in the following:

  • Newsletter Personalization
  • Seasonal Sales Promos
  • Personalized Product Previews
  • Event & Tradeshow Promotion
  • Customer Loyalty Emails
  • Automated Direct Response

Put Your Data to Work

Research has shown that inserting a person's name into the plain text salutation of an email increases open rates by as much as 10%. DreamType takes it to the next level by turning data from your current customer database - such as first name, last name, or company name - into emotionally engaging imagery. Our customers have realized a 300% increase in conversion rates by simply adding DreamType images to their existing email marketing programs.

Just add DreamType

Any email marketing platform that supports plain-text personalization (“Dear First Name”) is instantly compatible with DreamType. It integrates seamlessly with any hosted or in-house email solution. There is no up-front investment in software, talent, or training. Whether you are mailing to a list of 1,000 or 1,000,000, DreamType images are magically rendered and streamed from our robust, hosted infrastructure in the cloud.

Getting started with DreamType is easy - there is no new software to buy or learn. We have dozens of stock themes that can be configured to work seamlessly within your existing email templates. For custom themes, your creative team simply submits an Adobe Photoshop file, which we convert into a working DreamType theme. Once the theme has been created, we provide your team with a simple image call to paste in your HTML template. This image call is designed to incorporate the standard merge tags used by all email marketing software. The personalized image in the email is created dynamically, when your email message is opened by the recipient.

See what our happy clients have to say

“This campaign really caught our members’ attention! We really look forward to doing this again.”

- Director,
Member Services AAP

“Personalizing images with DreamType doubled the response rates on our campaign.”

- COO,
Maredy Fundraising

“Using DreamType alone had drastic effect on increasing conversion rates for our campaign.”

- Director,
Digital Logic Australia